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Chinowing T20 Handheld Ground Control Station

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Chinowing T20 Handheld Ground Control Station
Chinowing T20 Handheld Ground Control Station
T20 is an individual handheld data transmission monitoring system integrating remote control, data transmission and ground station. High integration, small size, convenient operation, multichannel adjustable, dual S-BUS output, etc.
The number of channels is 24, and the anti-interference power supply of digital transmission has also been improved. Each channel of T20 dual S-BUS can be configured with 8 analog channels, 4 three-position switches, and 10 buttons, among which 5 groups of combination keys can be configured, and 2 groups of super combination keys can be freely mapped.
T20 works at 800MHz(806-826MHz), 1.4GHz(1427-1467MHz), 2.4GHz(2401.5-2481.5MHz)It can provide stable data transmission at a distance of 10KM, and is widely used in the fields of industrial control and data transmission.
  • Aeronautical aluminum alloy shell
  • Video & telemetry & RC links in one
  • User-defined RC system
  • Android11 OS
  • Dual-mode 5G outscore chip
  • Dual SBUS input and output
  • 24 physical channels
  • Control distance 10KM+
  • Length of work ‚Č•8¬†Hour
The power of autonomy for professionals
  • 3-gear switch¬†User-define attribution
  • Hall-effect joystick¬†High precision, high stability
  • 8 key buttons¬†User-define combination
End-to-End Ultra-Low Latency
Compared with conventional solutions, Chinowing T20 monitor with a built-in receiver, providing optimum portability and efficient setup to help you get started fast in any setting.

The perfect companion for your drone!

High security
UAV handheld ground station is a safe and reliable device.
At the same time, the device also has data encryption and secure transmission functions to protect your privacy and data security.

Efficient Control
A drone handheld ground station allows you to control and monitor your drone’s flight in real-time, giving you greater flexibility and precision during your flights.
With this device, you can adjust the drone’s flight route, altitude, and speed as needed, ensuring accuracy and stability.

Convenient Portability
A drone handheld ground station is a lightweight and portable device that you can take with you anywhere.



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