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CZ high-power adjustable constant temperature electric soldering iron. EP-D100 60W 100W 150w 200W Soldering Tool 220v

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CZ high-power adjustable constant temperature electric soldering iron. EP-D100 60W 100W 150w 200W Soldering Tool 220v
CZ high-power adjustable constant temperature electric soldering iron. EP-D100A Pointed 100W Soldering Tool
Product name: CZ EP-D100A Pointed 100W Soldering Tool
Usage: used for thin wire of common model, or small plug soldering, please pay attention to the timely plugging, do not let the temperature too high or always preheat, cause burning.
For thick wires or large plugs, choose a more powerful soldering iron
This product is equipped with lead-free long life soldering tip, especially suitable for lead-free welding process.

Product features:
Patented, high insulation, high pressure, electric insulation resistance up to 100 m Ξ© above, use absolute safety handle and direct thermal control structure, pioneering direct temperature indicating handle knob. Unique structure, low handle temperature, light feeling and quick heating, able to molt tin soldering automatic constant temperature after power on for 1 minute , temperature recovery fast and long life FNC tip. Can be used on the production line for continuous welding efficiency, power consumption lesser than the ordinary iron to 50%, the regulating handle knob can set arbitrary required between 200 ℃ to 450 ℃ temperature, its temperature sex within + / - 5 ℃ temperature.

1. Always hang tin on the head of the welding nozzle
2. A stronger acidic flux should not be used in soldering.
3. Do not use a file or rasp to file or knock on the welded joint.
4. In the case of non-tin-staining, fine sand coat is used to polish the welding nozzle, then tin-coat after soaked with flux, and the optimum temperature of the welding nozzle is controlled at about 250 in the case of non-tin.
5. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble electrothermal parts of soldering iron at will when it is used for electrification.
6. Slight heating at the end of the iron handle is normal
7. In the process of using electric soldering iron, it should be equipped with a soldering iron seat with natural heat dissipation structure and placed in the soldering iron seat.
8. If the soft wire of the power supply is damaged, in order to avoid danger, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its maintenance department or similar full-time personnel.



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