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CZ CNC Double spring locking 25 30mm v4 Automatic Folding arm/seat Automatic Agricultural UAV Multi-Axis UAV

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CZ CNC Double spring locking 25 30mm v4 Automatic Folding arm/seat Automatic Agricultural UAV Multi-Axis UAV
CZ CNC Double spring locking 25 30mm v4 Folding arm/seat Automatic Agricultural UAV Multi-Axis UAV

Used for outer diameter D25 30 mm multi-axis UAV arm tube, quick deployment and take-off, convenient storage, Reduce pre-flight preparation time and receipt time

Product characteristics
1. Strong resilience of double spring structure
Double springs have stronger resilience, 12.9 grade screw is stronger, and the strength is higher.
2. CNC Square Reinforced Backrest
Thickened CNC square backrest, tighter locking without vacancy, even if used for a long time will not cause vacancy phenomenon
3. Strengthened column with two holes is smoother
Like backrest, CNC passable support column is used to allow spring locking screw to pass freely without jamming
4. Increase the reinforcement column
Adding more supporting pillars to strengthen the strength of folding seat to solve the problem of insufficient supporting force after using for a period of time
5. Double locking structure
Fixed position of carbon tube with open locking function can solve the gap problem of fixed position of carbon fiber tube and folding seat.
6. Moving Shaft to Steel Shaft
The movable shaft replaces the copper shaft with the stainless steel shaft with higher strength, which solves the problem of easy bending in a period of time.
7.Backrest lengthening
CNC machining of all aluminium alloy, high strength, inclined design of joint, automatic forward after wear, increase service life
8. CNC High strength and wear resistance
It is processed by CNC of all aluminium alloy with high strength. The joint is designed with bevel angle. It moves forward automatically after wearing and prolongs service life.
9. Automatic Convenient deployment and acceptance
Automatic folding design is very convenient for collection or deployment.
10. With a 5 degree inclination angle, the flight is more stable/angle-free, suitable for double-deck motors.
5 degree tilt angle can effectively counteract the centrifugal force caused by the rotation of the multi-axis motor, thus increasing the flight stability.
No tilt angle, 0 degree no reverse angle, suitable for one arm to install two upper and lower motors, increase its overall performance.



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