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1600W AC220 Digital Electric Hot Air Gun Temperature-controlled Building Hair Dryer Heat Gun Soldering Tools Adjustable+ Nozzle

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1600W AC220 Digital Electric Hot Air Gun Temperature-controlled Building Hair Dryer Heat Gun Soldering Tools Adjustable+ Nozzle
1600W Temperature Adjusting Digital Display Hot Air Gun
Scope of application:Heat gun can be used for melting or softening paint or plastic, model aircraft heat shrinkable tube, or battery heat shrinkable film. Suitable for removing the old paint film, plastic tube bending, change floor tile, mobile phone repair, car decoration, such as refrigerator defrost purpose. At the same time, in use process as long as the choice of appropriate temperature and optimal distance, will not have a bad influence on other objects, it will decorate a project to provide the best for you to help with satisfactory results.
1. When the hot air gun is started, first connect the power supply, switch the switch to "I" (low) or "II" (high), hear the "buzz" call (means the motor is working), the heating wire will slowly red, and will emit some smoke, this is because there is a layer of metal oil on the heating wire and wind pipe, for rust prevention, the smoke will disappear quickly; When used for a period of time, should the front tube turn black, this is due to high temperature and does not affect the use of hot air gun.
2. If the motor does not rotate in use, the switch should be immediately pulled to the "O" (off) position, and the power plug is pulled out, and the hot air gun is sent to the sales point or the manufacturer for repair.
3. When stopping using, the switch should be pulled to the "O" (close) position, and the wind mouth of the hot air gun should be placed upside down on the plane safely. The hot air will naturally rise and make it cool naturally. If the wind pipe is head down, the heat inside will not be released quickly, which will lead to the increase of the temperature inside the motor and reduce the life of the hot air gun. After the air duct is cooled, it can be stored.
4. In order to help the hot air gun cool down and prolong its life and accident, when it is stopped using, the switch of the hot air gun is first changed from high-grade (II) to low-grade (I), then blown for 15 seconds, then from low-level to "O" (off), and the plug is pulled out in time.



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